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Sendoso Launches SurveyMonkey Integration to Incentivize Survey Responses

Published at 12-11-2018

SAN FRANCISCO,  Dec. 4, 2018 — Sendoso, the leading solution for creating extraordinary touchpoints throughout the entire customer and employee lifecycle, announced a new API integration with SurveyMonkey (Nasdaq: SVMK), a leading global survey software company, to motivate and incentivize survey responses. With the new integration, SurveyMonkey’s users can utilize Sendoso’s service to send eGift cards, physical swag, or other gifts within survey workflows.

SurveyMonkey is on a mission to power curious individuals and organizations. This new integration will enable its users to incorporate automatic rewards for people who complete surveys. SurveyMonkey’s suite of products helps organizations collect and understand data from customers, employees, or target markets, and Sendoso’s integration can help drive survey responses from these audiences.

“There are limitless ways in which companies can tap into feedback to drive business impact, including gathering customer feedback on product features, improving the value of events, or assessing the competitive landscape,” said Lars Wensel, head of business development at SurveyMonkey. “Our product integrations are important to helping organizations gather the information they need to drive business decisions.”

SurveyMonkey and Sendoso can now generate higher survey response rates with hundreds of eGift options, including coffee, lunch, retailers, ride-sharing services.

“Our internal data shows that adding eGifts to emails increases response rates, and we can only expect the same when adding them to surveys,” said Sendoso co-founder and CEO Kris Rudegraap. “We’re incredibly excited to help SurveyMonkey users on their journeys to answer important questions.”

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