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How to Send Corporate Gifts that Get Meetings with Prospects

Influitive customer advocacy specialist Darren Persaud and business development representative Matthew Pellegrini have always had a knack for knowing when to send corporate gifts at the right time, as well as what to actually send. Their job is to find potential customers who might benefit from Influitive’s B2B customer advocacy ...


5 Ways to Send Direct Mail for National ‘Send It’ Day

This week, we’re celebrating National Send It Day by sharing some of our favorite ways to send direct mail. We created this holiday as a way to give thanks to everyone who’s important to your business. Whether you already have an amazing group of raving advocates or you’re on a ...


Introducing: The Sending Platform

A few years ago, we noticed a universal dilemma: Consumers and companies, alike, were drowning in digital noise. Cold emails went unanswered; apps got deleted; ads were ignored. Companies struggled with finding innovative ways to rise above the noise and build more meaningful relationships with prospects, customers, and fellow employees. ...


How Atrium’s Direct Mail Strategy Decreased Their Cost Per Opportunity

In this installment of our Customer Spotlight series, we focus on the direct mail strategy of Atrium, an advanced sales performance analytics software that empowers sales teams to make informed decisions. Here's how Atrium co-founder Peter Kazanjy used Sendoso to dramatically decrease their cost per opportunity.

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